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The offer (bonus) shortcodes become available after installing and activating the ACES plugin.

Fill in only the shortcode parameters that you use, and leave the rest blank. By default, items in shortcodes are sorted by date added.

Shortcode #1

[aces-bonuses-1 items_number="8" external_link="1" category="" items_id="" exclude_id="" parent_id="" columns="4" order="" orderby="" title="Shortcode #1"]

The available shortcode parameters:

items_number – the number of items to display.
external_link – allow external link for the button. Available values: 1 or 0.
category – the category numeric ID. It is possible to add multiple IDs separated by commas.
items_id – offer (bonus) IDs separated by commas. Sort by order of IDs.
exclude_id – to add offer (bonus) IDs to be excluded from the list. Separated by commas.
parent_id – it is possible to add only the ID of one organization (casino) that offers (bonuses) you want to show.
columns – the number of columns. Available values: 123, or 4.
order – the ascending or descending order. Available values: ASC or DESC.
orderby – sort offers (bonuses) by parameter. Available values: name.
title – the shortcode title.

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